BOSS Consented Study

The BOSS study is a research study lead by surgeons and scientists who are working to improve the treatment of children and young people who have rare bone diseases. This study is focusing on children affected by Slipped Epiphysis or Perthes’ disease. This is a ‘cohort study’, which means that we follow your condition closely over the next 2 years, and into the future.

You should ONLY use this application if you have received an invitation letter from your Doctor. This letter will contain information that you will need to participate in the electronic completion of questionnaires.

Information about this part of the study can be found in the Patient Information Sheets at the bottom of this page. If you are unsure about what you are being asked to do please Contact us.

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Adult and Parent/Legal Representative Patient Information Sheets – England


Parent/Legal Guardian Patient Information Sheet - Scotland


Adult and Parent/Guardian Patient Information Sheets – Wales


Childrens Patient Information Sheets - England/Wales/Scotland

Older Children/Young People Under 16 with the Capacity to Consent Information Sheet – Scotland