Round 2 Introduction

Thank you for registering to take part in the ELICIT Delphi study.


What do we want you to do?

In this study we aim to find out about how we should evaluate the impact of interventions to improve decisions about trial participation.  This is in order to develop an agreed set of standards for the evaluation of interventions which improve decisions about randomised trials.

This involves us reaching agreement by consensus on which parts of the decision-making process for informed consent in a clinical trial it is most important to measure.

Please review the outcomes listed.  We would like you to score how important you think each outcome is for assessing whether an intervention to improve decisions about trial participation worked well. 

By ‘worked well’ we mean that the intervention supported an individual to make an informed choice about trial participation or not.

Remember that at this stage we are only interested in ‘what’ should be measured. ‘How’ and ‘when’ they should be measured will be dealt with later, once the core outcome set has been identified.

If you think we’ve missed outcomes that you would consider important, please add them in the space provided at the bottom of the page.

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