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Welcome to the COIN Delphi process.


This electronic survey is designed to help us identify important outcomes of neonatal care, with your help and the help of people affected by neonatal medical care.

The outcomes identified as most important will form a set of “Core Outcomes” for neonatology, that may be used whenever research or other newborn studies are performed.  

At this stage we are  only trying to identify 'what' should be measured.  Once we have agreed this further work will establish 'how' and 'when' these outcomes should be measured.

For further guidance on completing this survey please follow this link to see a short video explaining the process.

We are very grateful for your help with this project.  By completing these surveys you are helping to improve neonatal care for future generations.

The COIN Project Team

Dr James Webbe

Dr Chris Gale

Prof Neena Modi

Section of Neonatal Medicine, Imperial College London

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